Greenline Static Rope (11mm)

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Greenline Static Rope (11mm)

Years of use and abuse in such caves as Huautla, Cheve, and J2 have shown that polyester Greenline can stand up to the toughest of endeavors.


Product: Caving Rope
Material: 100% virgin polyester fiber
Construction: Kernmantle
Elongation Rating: Static

Technical Information

Product Spec Sheet


Minimum Breaking Strength*


4,500 lbs


6,000 lbs


7,000 lbs

*Rope and cord sold by the foot.

**Rated breaking strength is the optimum strength, achieved under laboratory conditions, in accordance with prescribed test procedures, on new rope, pulling at a slow steady rate in a straight line. Real life applications normally involve many other types of forces and factors which will cause the rope to fail at much reduced loads. Accordingly, the safe working load of any rope is much lower than its nominal strength. In life threatening and similar critical conditions, the safe working load should not exceed 1/15 of the rated breaking strength. In non-life threatening applications, a safe working load of 1/5 of the rated strength may be acceptable.

Photo Cred: Corey Hackley using Cancord ropes in J2, Last Bash by Elliot Stahl


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  • Cancord "Greenline" Static Rope (9mm-11mm) Size: 9mm May this rope be manufactured in 2019? May the spool be 1600 feet?

    Hi Susana!  Thanks for reaching out.  Currently, all ropes I have in stock were manufacturered in 2018 and 2019.  I believe that I have a 1600'spool in stock; however, I can have a brand new 1600' spool dropshipped to you w/ the standard $3.99 shipping (opposed to the rope surcharge).  The turnaround time is typically a few weeks but it will definitely bring the cost down as well as ensuring that the rope is as new as possible.  Please let me know if this is an option that you would like to pursue.