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Dirty Dave's Hobo Bag

What is a Dirty Daves Hobo Bag? It is a bag that makes things easier when you exit a cave after a long, hard day of exploring. The first things to enter your mind might be food, home, or a shower. Before any of that can happen, you have to shed that dirty cave gear and change into your dry clothes. You would love to kick your boots off first, but that means you would be standing on the wet ground or in the mud and getting your feet dirty before you put your clean clothes on. As cavers do, we have adapted to this problem over the years and have accepted these issues. Well not anymore; the Dirty Daves Hobo Bag is a 60 inch diameter pad that you throw down after that trip and strip. Everything lands on the very durable 200 denier polyurethane-treated pad. No more wet or muddy feet! Once changed, collect the loops, slip the handle through the loops, and clip the side squeeze buckle, no drawstring. You are ready to go! No more losing gloves or socks. It's all in the bag until you get home and thoroughly clean everything. You can even wash the bag. I have been using this bag for three years now, and I have loved every minute of it, just as I know you will. It has been a life saver on those cold January cave trips when I just could not get in the warm car fast enough.


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