MTDE Piri Chest Harness

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The MTDE Piri is an excellent alternative to the Garma w/ the same great stitching but specifically designed for women.

*Not PPE. Compulsory use with caving sit-harness.


Derek Bristol's Gear Review on MTDE Harnesses:


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  • My girlfriend needs a new chest harness. She's 5'2" - will this be good for her? I love my Garma because it stays on me through even the worst crawls. Does the Piri stay as close to the body as the Garma? How crowded is the D-Ring with the 2 extra straps? How does this compare to the AV Spelshoulder/pro for females, in terms of comfort on the front as well as staying in place while caving? Thanks for any info you can provide!

    Hi Josh, 

    Honestly, I haven't personally used the Piri for enough time to form an opinion on it; however, I've been told that it is a suitable option for those who have not had much luck w/ either the Garma or Spelshoulder.  The straps are small so the don't take up much room on the D, but the D definitely is more crowded especially if using a breaking biner for your rappel device.  Hopefully this helps some.  Let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer them. 

    Thanks again!