Raumer TAP (10-Pack)

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Raumer TAP (10-Pack)

Ø12 x 31 mm M8

art. 720 confezione

TAP means self-drilling anchor.

Brand new item produced following a great market demand. The advantage is that in this case you do not need to use the drill to make the hole, but you can do it all manually with the help of the Stroker - art. 101

Sold in pack of 10 pieces (10 bodies + 10 cones).

Material: CrNi Cemented and Galvanized steel

Sophisticated design that guarantees perfect anchorage to the rock

The teeth are very strong and tough, so it is not necessary to use another TAP to complete the hole.


Fast installation, extremely resistant, safe and reliable.
Visibility almost nothing Installation

Attention: before using the TAP anchorage, always read the attached technical sheet and the general informations.

Warning: always use the body of the TAP with the cone (item 720 A) supplied by the company Raumer Srl.

Use with other types of cones, which may have unsuitable dimensions, may compromise the tightness of the anchor.

Raumer Srl declines all responsibility for the use of TAP anchorage, especially in the event of incorrect installation.


  • Extraction: 31 KN
  • Denomination: 25 KN
  • Attention: the resistance values ​​can change significantly depending on the type of rock considered and the incorrect insertion.
  • Weight: 21 gr (body + cone)



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