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Applying our metalworking experience to a product traditionally made of plastic has enabled us to maximise torsional rigidity and security, and also provide a locking option that minimises the chances of accidental gate opening, keeping your equipment safely in place.

The locking mechanism gives the climber the option to manually select either open or locked, allowing the Vault (patent pending) to behave like a standard racking biner on the dreamy pure ice pitch, but with a twist of the gate you secure your expensive ice screws for the horror show mixed chimney, or for carrying your axes on the descent.

Variant Non PPE MBS Gate Opening Weight Max Webbing Size Cat no
Locking Gate 3kN 20mm 79g 45 x 3mm A552
Wire Gate 3kN 23mm 63g 45 x 3mm A558
Safe, strong and secure racking for ice screws and tools
Available as wire gate or locking gate
Locking version can be set to either the unlocked or locked position
Low profile nose minimises hook-ups
Low profile locking mechanism does not affect clipping
Compatible with most climbing harnesses featuring ice clipper slots
Max webbing size: 45 x 3mm
WLL 0.3kN - Not PPE
User installable - flat bladed screwdriver required