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Raumer Handy Carabiner

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Raumer Handy Carabiner

Art. 163 – Stainless Steel “Brake” Carabiner HANDY

A snapgate carabiner in AISI 304 stainless steel, used in combination with caving descenders (pulley or figure of 8) on a single rope.


The most important feature of this patented carabiner is that it allows the user to vary the descent simply by moving the rope into the narrow section of the carabiner, eliminating almost all downwards force.

In addition the carabiner is equipped with a stainless steel twisted ring which can be clipped into the semi-circular maillon on the harness.

This ring makes this carabiner suitable for all descent speeds on any type of rope.

It is small and light and does not exert any damage on the rope.

Technical Specifications

This carabiner has been very popular with technically advanced cavers.

The brake/snapgate is an almost indispensable accessory for larger people or with use of a heavy haul sack, perhaps on new and dry ropes.

Although some people are reluctant to use braking carabiners, we strongly recommend it as with correct use it can prevent potentially very dangerous situations.



Weight: 135 gr

R = 12 kN (including the twisted ring)


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