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AV Mazerin Canyoneering Harness

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Mazerin Canyoneering Harness

AV's Mazerin is a great canyoneering harness with a pants-shaped protection, an integrated knee-holder and a tie designed especially for bags. Efficient for both canyoning and caving.

Designed according to the size and vertical height of the steep canyons on the Island of Reunion but also to meet the requirements and needs related to daily supervision, the Mazerin has been created for professionals who often use the rope climbing up system.

Like a seat harness, the pant-shaped protection helps you to remain in a well-seated position while suspended in the air for long periods of time.

The mobile leg loops that maintain the butt support strap in place are quick to take on and off, and relieve the groin from friction during approaches, exits, or transitions.

Tried and tested over many years and on several expeditions, this monitor sit-harness, with its strap to hold knives, its strap provided especially for bags, has proven its ability to perform for both canyoning and caving.



  • XS-M waist: 95 cm 
  • M-L waist: 115 cm
  • XL waist: 135 cm



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  • Hello, I have a question regarding the Mazerin harness. I am at the upper limit of the M/L size range at 107cm around the waist. Would you recommend that I size up to the XL or will there be enough webbing on the M/L to safely double back through the buckle?

    Hey Austin, thanks for reaching out.  My recommendation is to size-up.  This will give you some additional room w/ thick clothing, wetsuit, etc.  Additionally, the sizes overlap so there isn't a risk of getting something that's too big if you are at the top of the sizing range.  Let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.  Thanks again for your interest!

  • Does this harness require a chest harness in conjunction?

    Hey Devin, thanks for reaching out.  A chest harness is only necessary w/ the Mazerin if the user is climbing.  Rappelling does not require a chest harness.  Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you w/.

  • Does the seat protection cause the leg loops to ride up? I've installed a shuffle butt on my harness for canyoneering a few times and it causes the leg loops to ride up higher up on my thighs than I would like.

    Hi Austin, The Mazerin's PVC pad is fairly large so as to prevent any sort of harness vectoring.  In my experience, it actually hangs slightly because of the size which makes climbing, climbing, etc a lot easier than some of the other harnesses I have tried.  Let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you!

  • The description talks about "an integrated knee-holder" and "a strap to hold knives" I don't see anything about those features in the items manual. Can you explain what they are and how they function?

    Hey Loki, thanks for reaching out.  I'm still waiting on a response regarding the "integrated knee-holder" but below is an explanation of the knife strap:

    The 2 loops serve to fix a knife in case of emergency. A lot a canyon pros from the Reunion Island have an Aqualung Charcoal Blunt tip model.

  • Do I need to get this carabiner to connect the points? https://www.elevatedclimbing.com/products/omni

    Hey Tracy, thanks for reaching out!  That's correct.  The Mazerin requires a central attachment point such as the Omni or a D-shaped quick link.  Let me know if there's anything else that I can do for you!

    Mike (owner)