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AV Midroi Lady Suit

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AV Midroi Lady Suit

Cordura caving suit low coated. (designed for women). Waterproof stitched mounting not sealed at the stitches.

Flexible and resistant. Recommended for temperate and dry caves

Fleece lined collar. Elastic at the waist and gusset at the back. 40mm self grip fastening.

Hood fitted in the collar. Buttocks, knees and elbows reinforcement.


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  • The size charts that you show for the Midroi Lady's and Titan Lady's are exactly the same. They're both titled AVSP63, which is the number for the AV Holloch Lady's suit. According to the AV website, the Holloch is around 6cm shorter than the Titan. Do you have more accurate size charts for these suits? Any help appreciated.

    Hi Emily!  Thanks for touching base.  The men's version of the Titan and Holloch have the extra material in the small of the back; however, the women's do not.  The women's Midroi, Titan, and Holloch are all made w/ the same template.  Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with!